"I have been to many premier spas around the world and I've never gotten as thorough and restorative massage as I did with Diana.  She knows her stuff and has some moves I've never experienced before.  Skip the spa prices and go see her!   She has created an oasis in an ordinary looking office building."

~Ann S.  Austin, TX

Diana Reynolds, LMT - TX #123119

"Hands down (pun intended) the best massage I've ever had!  WOW!  Even though we discussed what I wanted her to focus on, she found places I had no idea were tight.  I've always thought I needed a deep touch to get the tension out and even though she has extraordinarily strong hands, I was blown away by how tension would melt with even her gentle touch.  She is MAGIC!"

~Jeff J. Cedar Park, TX


This is Not Massage Envy!  Every massage session is unique to the client.  I seamlessly integrate different modalities in each massage.  I've studied many therapeutic systems and was given the gift of healing hands.  I incorporate all of that understanding while delivering a "normal" massage. 

I work in detail with the muscles and fascia while sensing the Chinese meridians and doing energy work.  Because I like to be thorough, I require a minimum of 90 minutes.  Trust me.... the extra time will well be worth it. 

When you are worked on thoroughly and deeply, the changes last longer.  For deep work to last, it has to approached slowly, so that the body isn't protecting itself.  When you feel pain, you tense up.  I work below the pain threshold, so that the body trusts me and opens up to deeper work. 

If you want a truly transformative experience, I suggest a 2 hour massage.  With that time, not only do I cover the entire body, but I also have time to perform Still Point, a cranio-sacral technique that will give you a deeply relaxing experience and also get your cerebrospinal fluid to work more efficiently.  This fluid brings nutrients and takes toxins away from the spine and brain, so it's importance can't be overstated.  

Rates: $75/hour

           $100/90 minutes

           $135/2 hours

I offer several different modalities.   Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Trigger Point Massage (requires at least one 'regular' massage session first), Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Equine Massage, Reiki


"Diana is truly a massage therapist to the massage therapist!  She is gifted with healing hands and has an intuitive sense of where the blocks are, whether you are aware of them or not.   Diana and I did massage trades until I moved and we had a standing appointment once a week.  My clients said I was the best and hers said she was the best.  We would prove to each other every other week why we were the better massage therapist and we both learned a lot from each other during that time.   Though we pretended to have a friendly rivalry, she never boasted about her ability and was always consistently present while giving a massage, always giving her best.  The Austin area is lucky to have her there!"

~Cindy Nesbeth, LMT